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Safety Shoes Puncture Resistance Function
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Mounted on the test machine is equipped with a pressure plate, pressure plate test nails, nail test for a cut to the head of the cutting-edge, nail head hardness should be greater than 60 HRC.Put sole sample machine chassis, position can make the nail pierced through the outsole test, the test pin to 10 mm/min + / - 3 mm/min speed puncture the soles, until penetration, the most vigorously for the record.Four points each sole choice test (including at least one point in the heel), various points are not less than 30 mm apart, and from the inner bottom edge distance is greater than 10 mm.Has non-slip bottom, should be pierced between blocks.Four points of the two points should be from the planting base stare blankly in edge line 10-15 mm distance test.If the humidity will affect the results, the test should be before the sole in 20 ℃ + 2 ℃ deionized water for 16 + 1 h.

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