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Safety Shoes Feature Uses

As China's shoe-making technology continues to progress and the global shoe materials and increased security of footwear and the gradual diversification, upscale variety. Domestic security shoes of design and the technology requirements began and abroad gradually standards, used computer of management, points electric insulation, and anti-electrostatic, and acid alkali, and anti-Pierce, and protection foot toe, and general protection shoes six big class, has good of resistance oil, and anti-hit, and anti-electrostatic, and anti-puncture, and acid alkali and the insulation, performance, points SB/SBP/S1/S1P/S2/S3 six class security grade, widely applies Yu mechanical, and metallurgical, and building, and chemical, and pharmaceutical, and mining, and oilfield, and power, industry. Every pair of shoes after the company process quality control and factory-tested and comply with national safety standards (most of the indexes exceeded national standards) and European standards for safety footwear EN345, products have been more than 500 industrial and mining enterprises in the country especially in favor of joint ventures in Europe and, and are exported to the European Union, the United States, and Australia and other countries.