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Military Boots In Different Environmnets
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The boots are now common in the army and police force of developed countries and are the basic configuration of warfighters. What are their differences and basic functions? Generally speaking, it is set according to the needs of different combat environments.

Such as swat boots is designed for use in an urban environment, its object is a special police, due to the special police task is more obscure and high risk, so a special boot soles materials used are mostly soft, boots lines also relatively close, this design:

One is to the mute, the other is for flat non-slip, where there is water wetlands, through close background quickly to both sides lined the water on the ground, police boots made of abrasion resistance than boots can than. Another, bad cop task environment is far from the army, so more police boots with sponge lining in the boots, in order to increase comfort, but boots are different, at any time to wade, so the boots are mostly monolayer (cost), and also better permeability, for boots, usability and economy first (because of operational conditions, want to consider the life of the boots). This is the difference in equipment between the police and the army due to different tasks.

Let's look at the function. For example: the design of police riot boots.

The most striking feature is boots boots for nine inches high, besides can tighten the legs, the height is just in the lower part of leg movement, muscles, and boots for a ring on the sponge, after the motion of intense of fighters, this boots for height and sponge can hold muscles, can make the blood faster circumfluence, reduce fatigue, this and our previous leggings principle is the same! Body height is 8.0 cm on the ankle boots, the boots on both sides of the body, which is equivalent to the ankle, leg fibula, on both sides of the formation of the soft hard outside the protection of the bracket, capacity and stability of the joints and bones have a certain strength, can effectively prevent fractures and sprain. In addition, the task of the special police is more sudden, so the convenience is also considered, and the zipper is installed on the side.

In addition, there is a misunderstanding of military boots, which is thought to run faster in military boots. In fact, military boots are not suitable for strenuous exercise, especially for quick running. Mainly gives the soldier's foot quite perfect protection, such as twist, anti puncture, insect bites, say for soldiers, the foot is one of the most important, a foot injury, can't run all run, also said that battle, and hence is a soldier's life event.

There is also the misconception that legitimate military boots are in the army, and only defective products enter the market. Here I explain that in fact, only a handful of troops in our country are equipped with standard military boots. And it can be used in special occasions and circumstances. Most of the troops were not able to afford it, and some of them were using substitutes or even leather products (which are not substandard). Real armaments are in fact mostly in warehouses.

The outdoor activities in modern leisure life are also more and more reflected in the fine characteristics of military boots. It is not only cheap and breathable, but also can give users better foot protection. Therefore, military boots are also favored by more and more outdoor enthusiasts besides military friends. This is also the reason why the foreign civilian military market has become more and more popular in recent years.

In the cold winter of life, wearing a pair of military boots on the feet not only has the actual warmth function, but also can show the man's few handsome and handsome. The concept of uniform is extended. Let the man in winter become more mature, and express the vicissitudes of soldiers. The chunky sole and the outer fur of the shoe have a handsome and warm effect. More able to show the vigor of the vigor of the vigor of the quality, conveys the master concise and li low low-key luxury.




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