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How To Choose The Military Boots
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The better materials are the primary basis for a good military boot.

Vibram, the world's top shoe sole brand, is from Italy. It provides different styles and uses for the US Army and a lot of famous outdoor shoes brands. The trademark is generally golden yellow. But it doesn't have to be superstitious V bottom. Usually V bottom is slippery on water tile or smooth hard surface. Besides, the shoes of famous brand manufacturers will not go bad even if they don't use V bottom.

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Gore-tex was invented by an engineer named Gore by DuPont Co more than 20 years ago, and then he applied for a patent (now expired) and created his own company. Gore-tex is the most famous / top-level waterproof and breathable material. It is a thin film with many holes on it, allowing vapor to pass through, but it can prevent water from passing through. It is important to note that the GTX boots may be flooded for more than 8 hours in the water, after all, the molecules of water vapor and water are the same. GTX is used in clothing and shoes for 2 layers and 3 layers, and the 3 - layer structure is more durable. There is also a new product, GTX-XCR, with better air permeability, but the military boots and military wear are not used.

Sympatex new fitness, Germany. It is a kind of pore free hydrophilic film (PEE). The EPTFE thin film, such as GTX, is a microporous film. The principle of Sympatex is to inhale the steam inside and out from the other side (generally, the scientific explanation forgets.) So the effect may not be as good as GTX. But the advantage is that you don't have to worry about maintenance. On the GTX layer, there are many small holes that may be blocked by dust particles or crisp powder and so on. As far as I know, only the French coats and 511 HRT boots are used in this material.

Insulated/THINSULATE Thinsulate is 3M's warm microfiber, and Insulated will be mentioned in official materials of some boots, meaning that there is 3M's THINSULATE thermal insulation material as the lining. It is generally divided into 200g, 400g, 600g. The larger the number the more warm. THINSULATE lining for cold weather 0 degrees Celsius, the general lining is not removable, but the American ICWB (Intermedia Cold Weather Boot) a style of lining is removable (the characteristics of V at the end of its sole trademark is black, not removable ICWB gold), looks like Thinsulate basic layer 200g, Thinsulate and two pairs of socks.

The Steel Toe steel head, the general Navy, the Marine Corps and some machinery related units and pilots will require the boots with steel head in case. Steel head and the role of metal objects not kicking but to prevent falling feet smashed, especially aircraft repair. But according to Zeng himself, he said that his belle550st steel head was deformed by a man in a high heel shoe. The steel boots of the US Army conform to the ANSI (Class) 75 standard, and have passed the ANSI leakage prevention test (ANSI Electrical Hazard Current Leakage Test), which may be wrong.

Cordura DuPont Co special nylon material, wear resistance better than ordinary nylon, general military boots use 1000D (density unit) of Cordura nylon.

The first layer skin / two layer skin is too thick (maybe 4mm less), and boots don't need to use that thick skin, so we need to peel the skin and turn it into two layers. The outer layer is the skin of the head layer, and the quality is good. By the way, the thickness of leather boots in Britain and America is 2mm, and the PLA is very thin, and it is easy to crack and break. It really disappointments.

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Full Grain Leather full grain leather, because it is the meaning of the head layer.

Coolmax DuPont Co famous sweating fabric.

Dri-Lex a sweating and breathable fabric.

 Canberra, a shoe lined with cotton fabric, one of the lining fabric, more used for outdoor shoes, and Belle ICB in the army boots.


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