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In domestic, safety shoes, safety footwear) is also called labor insurance shoes work shoes protection safety shoes professional, is a protection features, to protect the wearer from accidental injury of shoes the international organization for standardization of safety shoes, protective shoes, protective footwear) professional shoes defines the different meaning and standard of different national standards for safety shoes Specifications are also slightly different National standards of safety shoes

  1. PRC National Standard ; the State Standard of the People's Republic of China

  2.   GB21148-2007 GB21147-2007

2.United States Standard

 ANSI Z41 Personal Protection-Protective Footwear 

3. standards new zealand

 AS/NZS 2210.3 Occupational protective footwear - Specification 

4.CE standards

EN 345-1 Safety footwear for professional use. Specification

EN 345-2 Safety footwear for professional use. Additional specifications
EN 346-1 Protective footwear for professional use. Specification 

EN 346-2 Protective footwear for professional use. Additional specifications
 EN 347-1 Occupational footwear for professional use. Specification 

 EN 347-2 Occupational footwear for professional use. Additional specifications  

5. Japanese standard

JIS T8101、JIS T8117、JIS T8103

6.canadian standards association

   Protection of toe safety shoes - lined with steel cover, which have both static pressure and anti-impact performance. Product standard GB21148-2007 personal protective equipment safety shoes; LD50-1994 protection toe safety shoes (boots) are tested with GB20991-2007 personal protective equipment shoe test method to test the static pressure of 15000N, and the impact force is 200J energy.

There are 4 kinds of safety shoes: the fixed - specific injection of cold - stick or moulded working shoes is specially required safety shoes! The steel head shoes are at least standard for the national gb21148-2007 and Europe: EN345 or ANSI safety standards in the United States, and standard steel head can also reach the national gb21147-2007 and Japanese s-class protection standards.

      According to the use function and application range safety shoes can be divided into: resistance to high temperature and acid and alkali resistance, anti-static, oil protection, anti-slip or abrasion resistance, which can be applied to the safety protection of different special industries.

Protect toes shoes lining for baotou steel, has both static pressure resistance and shock resistance suitable for metallurgical mines forestry port loading and unloading of quarrying machinery building products such as petroleum and chemical industry standards GB21148-2007 personal protective equipment (safety shoes; LD50-1994 protection of toe safety shoes (boots); According to personal protective equipment (ppe) shoes GB20991-2007 test methods for detection of resistance to static pressure is 15000 n, the impact resistance is the energy of 200 j and puncture-proof safety shoes - the bottom lining plate, protect feet from sharp objects stabbed, suitable for mine fire control construction cold work of forestry machinery industry product standards such as personal protective equipment (safety shoes GB21148-2007; Gb12017-1995 anti-puncture technique for puncture wear and test methods. The thrust force is greater than or equal to 1100N.

  Anti-static shoes, anti-static shoes rise to avoid flammable and explosive accidents due to static electricity, and can protect the work under the voltage of 220 v electrocuted protective shoes Used in flammable workplaces, such as gas station operators such as liquefied petroleum gas filling work product executive standard GB21146-2007 personal protective equipment professional shoes; Anti-static shoes conductive GB4385-1995 technical requirements, anti-static shoes Ω resistance at 100 k ~ 100 m Ω, conductive shoes resistance is less than 100 k Ω. Electrical insulating safety shoes - able to work under a certain power frequency voltage, as the auxiliary and safe appliance and labor protection supplies wear leather shoes product executive standard GB12011-2000 main technical parameters: test voltage 6 kv leak current 1.8 mA time 1 min not breakdown oil resistant protective shoes - product executive standard GB21146-2007 personal protective equipment professional shoes; GB16756-1997 oil resistant protective shoes general technical conditions, according to personal protective equipment (ppe) shoes GB20991-2007 test method for testing meet the requirements of acid and alkali resistant protective shoes - suitable for electroplater electrolytic pickling workers work with liquid chemical operators, etc Note: acid and alkali resistant shoes can only apply to general concentration at a low ph workplaces GB12018 acidproof alkali shoes 89 standard requirements, is to use waterproof leather, plastic, rubber and so on to have material to produce acid and alkali resistance of Labour protection shoes.

     High temperature resistant protective shoes - in welded steel plate, not cold hot rolled plate, inspection, operation and other places of high temperature on coke oven furnace top action for a period of time, and to protect their feet from injury of a kind of special protective shoes, product executive standard LD32-92 high temperature protective shoes Antiskid safety shoes, polyurethane molding soles, end of unique design, excellent antiskid performance Resistant to wear safety shoes for high quality shoes, suitable for a variety of environments.



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