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Glory Footwear 2018 Spain International Labour Protection And Occupational Safety Exhibition
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Personal security:

  Personal protective equipment, arm, hand, head and ear protection equipment protection, foot protection, protective clothing (chemical/biological/high temperature/special weather/jackets), marking equipment, special lights, safety equipment, a high altitude, work with protective equipment security products (such as rope/peg), the ladder/scaffold, special containers, first aid equipment (medical), high-risk work protective equipment, construction/outdoor work safety protective equipment, aseptic environment/professional disinfection equipment, air pollution treatment facilities, waste recycling, processing equipment, etc

The exhibition profile:

  The Madrid international security exhibition in Madrid is a professional exhibition for the ufi certified security industry. The first was held in 1980. The exhibition is Spain's largest international security professional exhibition. 20 sessions have been successfully held. The exhibition of 2016 exhibitors from Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Britain, Hong Kong, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Pakistan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, venezuela and other 18 countries. The exhibition in 2014 professional visitors from Ann, pull, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Czech republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, 23 countries such as America, venezuela.

Data: the exhibition 2016 exhibitors: 1424 (632 domestic, international, 792), including direct exhibitors 585 (491) of the country's 491, the international professional audience: 38963, from 23 countries, including their audience of 34934 people, foreign audience of 4029 people. Exhibition area: 34,000 square meters

  Over the past three years, Spain's market for labor supplies has grown at an annual rate of 9% a year. It is expected to grow to $3.8 billion in 2018. Under the influence of the following particular factors, the Spanish security market will maintain a clear and rapid growth in both public security and private security. Spanish labor insurance industry is an important development trends of customer need is a full range of integrated solutions, including training field engineering, personnel protective equipment, electronic security and alarm system, fire protection system and so on a series of integrated solutions. The market for safety and fire protection equipment has been growing at double-digit rates because of the construction of new buildings. In addition, the technical building code, which Spain launched in October 2006, will also promote the need for building safety protection products. And Spain's economic development throughout the European Union is relatively fast growth of the country, and the urgent requirements for safety, so the Spanish demand for all kinds of safety protection products is rising, labor insurance market is a thriving, is the best choice for foreign companies to the Spanish market.




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