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Chinese Combat Boots And American Combat Boots
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    Today we're going to talk about combats boots, which have attracted much attention, to compare the similarities and differences between Chinese combat boots and American combat boots. As two kinds of well-known individual equipment, the PLA's 07 combat boots and the USMC's Belleville 550st combat boots are paid closeattention by the military fans, which are to be analyzed in detail.

       These two pairs of boots are both made of leather and nylon, in which 07 is made of Black embossed Leather and 550st suede Leather. According to different combat environments, black and solid color are equipped with different camouflage advantages respectively. The U.S. military has been adopting solid color individual equipment in large quantities combined with the demand for combat/exercise in recent years (their strategic deployment mainly focuses on arid desert areas in the Middle East). For our military, there are not many combat/exercises in the arid desert region in recent years, so black is decided as the camouflage color for combat boots.1_副本.jpg2_副本.jpg6_副本.jpg

      Now it is about the internal of the boots. The outside-in construction of the head part of the 07 boots is in turn: slick-surfaced leather, counter, nylon lining, while the 550st boot: suede leather, steel toecap, Coolmax fabrics. The reason why the boots are named 550st is that "st" is short for "steel toe". No matter what hardness the counter possesses, it is hardly comparable with Steel head of 550st. It is clear at a glance that which one is superior in protection capability. The sole of the 07 is divided into four layers from the bottom up: Rubber outsole, Kevlar midsole, Superior cortex. Kevlar midsole and Superior cortex both have a thickness of 4mm with a strong stab-resistance ability that directly improves the protection performance of the soles. However, the sole part has no EVA material, which has affected the cushioning and comfort to a certain extent. The sole of 550st is also divided into four layers from the bottom up: Rubber outsole, EVA midsole, stab-resistant fiberboard, thin felt. The stab-resistant fiberboard with a high hardness has stab-resistance ability and also ensures the support force of the sole. The EVA midsole is very thick and solid, enhancing cushioning and comfort.

      There is no doubt that "07" and "550st", as the actual combat boots, must be distributed on a large scale to their army based on the actual situation of the Chinese and American militaries and repetitive test and comparison. For a factory (Qingdao Gloryfootwear co.,ltd ) with 15 years of experience in manufacturing combat boots, no combat boots could beat us. Our company sticks to better quality products and more considerate service.



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