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  How many are the boots on market, full of beautiful things in eyes, the shape form type, but if you favor the dress code for the army, then it must be authorized to see whether the U.S. army boots AR670 standard list - 1, because only the list of models, is authorized the U.S. army model, we must pay attention to when the choose and buy.

   What exactly is an ar670-1? Actually sentence to end is a list of procurement, soldiers need to be in the list of choose the fit style that oneself like, the purpose of this list is to maximize the foot health protect soldiers, after all, this is the most important part of, then meet AR670-1 boots, usually long what kind?

  Officials have given some relevant rules

1. Between 8 and 10 inches (this means that most outdoor hiking boots do not necessarily match this ankle height) 

2. Tan 499 (sandy) or Coyote 498 (Wolf brown)

3. Coordinate the overall color (the same color system)

4.Rubber or polyether polyurethane outer base

5.No more than 2 inches in the outer bottom

6. The outer bottom cannot cover the head of the shoe and extend to the heel

7. Whole leather or leather with non-mesh fabric

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