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Types of boots

Tropical boots, also was called desert boots, main stressed in high temperature environment Xia keep foot Department dry improve comfortable degrees, within lining aspects or is single layer test Dura fiber/special nylon, better of on into Super in lining or CoolMax like of sucking Khan fast dry material; jungle boots from some performance Shang is tropical boots of Ganso, but jungle boots may will more strengthened speed dry performance.

Temperate boots, stressed in wet more rain of tropical environment Xia, provides waterproof and breathable sex, more with Gore Tex within lining making, effective waterproof 4-6 hours; can is between jungle boots and flight boots, and desert boots Zhijian of product, can with in desert environment, but comfortable degrees not high, more for more water environment and driver like (cockpit of environment not comfortable, feet and not often moving, this a boots on is easy has); but not for depth over upper of environment, water Hou this a boots hard short time dry through.

Cold boots temperate boots based on the basis of, add warm enough to cope with low temperatures and snow-melt water, and is fit for the pilots (primarily bombers) in Spider-man's foot to keep warm.