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Safety shoes size selection

1. the first tip there is a margin of safety shoes, safety shoes in particular, because its in front of hardened steel head, wear available note toe to have enough margin. Usually if standing for a long time, the toe should have enough room, otherwise the toes long squeezed State, the foot over a long time cause a lot of damage! There are a lot of people feel the same shoes in selecting the safety shoes, safety shoes dress shoes should be larger than usual, which is safety footwear made in accordance with the national requirements has increased, in fact we wear what size shoes, size would buy safety shoes can.

2. safety footwear types vary, the lean is not the same. Foot lean is foot width and metatarsophalangeal girth, shoe combination is to use cavity Interior size of shoes, it relies on making shoes with shoe metatarsophalangeal girth and last bottom width sizes, generally selected by the manufacturer decides. Consumers only according to try effects to choose from.

3. safety shoes, heel and heel are not tight tight fit

4. uppers not squeezing the tops

5. Yao Wo coincide with arch of safety shoes, waist must keep feet