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Evaluation of three military boots
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Evaluation of three military boots

Belleville, Danner and Altama are the three military boot of the US Army.

(1) Belleville 550ST tropical olive green safety boots, the United States Marines special

Belleville, one of the old shoe factories in the United States, was built in 1904 and got the first military order in 1917, and then business began to go more smoothly. At the time of the "World War II", it was already the largest military boot supplier to the US Army. In modern times, the popularity of Belleville is no less popular than the Zippo of a soldier's waist. It can be seen almost everywhere. In particular, in the "lasting free" action, this military boot can be said to have reached a pair of feet. However, Belleville does not ignore the private market, they also specially set up for the east foot of the last, and it is with "science and technology" brand first "market" brand.

550ST is the U.S. fleet of desert boots, fast dry air, each side has two drainage hole, drainage on drying function in addition to the Oriental design for wide shoe size. Suitable for wearing in the desert or in the tropics, the manufacturer claims that it is comfortable with sports shoes. Of course, in the absence of desert warfare, this kind of military boots is also widely used for hiking, mountaineering and equestrian. Who doesn't want to have a pair of cool, wearable shoes?

Technical characteristics:

Advanced science and technology shoe shoe bottom design.

The shoe material is made up of DuPont special nylon material and olive green leather.

Steel toecap, comply with ASTM standards F2412 - 05 and F2413 - 05 standard.

The lining is DuPont sweating fabric.

The upper shock soles made up of polyester fibers, while the bottom is a professional antiskid sole known as gold sole.

Can draw out the lining, polyester fiber material.

Standard 8 inch high boots.

Weight: 1.2 kilograms

First of all, the netizen was affirmed by the eagle's emblem on the side of the boots, and the American taste was very strong. After the trial, it was found that 550ST was serious in doing work, and some places even walked 4 lines. Its running shoe style is particularly popular, and some army fans think it is far more comfortable than Altama.  In addition, 550ST upper thick, tight is not very easy to walk the plinth. However, some army fans think it is clumsy, especially the steel head has some feet. But there are also the opposite views of the army. They think the steel head is the safest protection for the toes. The manufacturer holds a cushion at the bottom and around the steel head, so the wearer will not feel the slightest discomfort. And because of the protection of the steel head, the army fans don't have to worry about kicking the hard things. Furthermore, the design of the TOEFL sweating fabric makes the feet dry forever.

(2) Danner TFX Tan rough out 26014

Danner is a veteran boot supplier that began in 1932. The power desert boots is a product designed by Danner for soldiers fighting in complex terrain. The soles of coarse textured shoes and Danner's unique force transmission technology, combined with the ability to restrain the hot comfort of the inner lining, make the wearer feel extraordinary. Rough texture leather, 1000 Daniel nylon, such a shoe enough to cope with a special environment, to fight in the desert. According to the merchant, this shoe is a desert storm, Marine Corps, American special police and border patrol equipment.

Technical characteristics:

Comfortably adjust the lining to make your feet cool, dry and comfortable in the hot climate.

The transmission structure can effectively reduce the weight, lasting adhesion of the shoes, maintain the force between the toe and heel, and tightly wrap both sides, so that the wearer is better at walking, so that the sole of the foot will not be too tired.

Rough texture, full - grain beef skin, rough and full of protection, it specializes in the hot climate, anti - mould, air permeability, low water absorption.

1000 Daniel nylon upper, abrasion resistant, anti rubbing and tearing resistance. Improve air permeability, especially fast.

The advanced power transfer technology is outside the bottom, it is easy to speed up, stop skating in the downhill, and increase the adhesion when climbing. In addition, the bevel teeth can effectively prevent the accumulation of foreign bodies.

The fashionable and low side appearance not only leaves full space for the toes, but also makes them feel comfortable under protection.

Weight: 1.2 kilograms.

American buyers generally believe that the shoes have good adhesion, comfortable and well protected against the ankle. But for the joints in the boot, they were really not flattered. One American man wrote: "from the moment of shoelace, I felt uncomfortable. There was always a seam that was biting" my right leg, even if I changed thick socks. " Finally, the gentleman chagrin wrote: "I regret their purchase, now, it is only my cupboard treasure." Oh, this is yo, 3 in the most expensive.

(3) Altama Tan Desert Vulcanized Boot 5852

If compared with the Belleville or Danner above, Altama can only be a rising star at most. Altama Delta Corp was founded in 1969, initially raise the city of Darin, Georgia, this horse river Alta shoe factory is the production of the first shoes, until the Vietnam War was among the companies listed, as the U.S. began to produce green jungle boots. And with the growing business is booming, the production and operation of the Department of Altama all moved to the state capital city of Atlanta, in 1990, Altama launched the first commercial version gradually boots, so that their business further strengthened. Today, according to Altama, from the federal government to regional institutions, the US sea, the army, and even the American special police are not their customers.



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