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Electrical insulating shoes

1, product standards GB12011-2000. Main technical parameters: experimental voltage of 6KV, leakage current is less than 1.8mA time 1min not penetrate.

2, the product of 6KV oxhide rubber shoes, suitable working environment below 1KV, working as a secondary safety gear and PPE used shoes. When in use, must strictly comply with the electrical safety procedures (DL408 and DL409) of.

3, dressed in their working environment electrical insulating shoes should be upper dry. (Dielectric footwear sometimes called electric shoes)

4, the product shall be prohibited and sharp, high temperature, acid, base or other corrosive substances exposure, where the presence of corrosion, breakage, are no longer used for dielectric footwear.

5, when in storage, should be stored in dry and ventilating warehouse, prevent mildew, piled up off the ground, walls above 0.2m. Storage period of 24 months more than 24 months of preventive safety shoes electrical performance testing for electrical insulation.

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