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CE certificate China Safety Shoes Factories

CE certification:EN ISO 20345:20345 standard of safety shoes
Have CE certification of safety shoes, meet the Requirements of relevant European directives main Requirements (Essential Requirements), and confirmed that the product has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures and/or manufacturer's qualification statement, a real product sales pass is allowed to enter the European Community market.Directive requirements of industrial products through the CE certification, in the absence of through the CE certification, shall not be sold. Must conform to the requirements of CE certification and labeled with CE certification to enter the European market.If found in the market do not conform to the requirements of the product, will order them to withdraw from the market, continuously in violation of the provisions of the CE certification, will be restricted or banned from entering the eu market or be forced to withdraw from the market! 
3. CE certification process:
1. The detailed application form submitted need to deal with the product
2. According to the standard application form to confirm instructions
3. Send the sample test, is used to prove the product conforms to the basic requirements.
4. Issue the test report
5. In the test report to apply for the CE certificate,
6. Products labeled with the CE mark as required

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