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Best Combat Jungle boots 2018


The Jungle Boots with Panama sole were adopted by U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and Panama sole is a must to cover the rough envrioment in the military, security and various other rough terrain and muddy surfaces. Panama sole is direct moulded sole and affords good grip in muddy terrain.


Not only just for Soldiers , but also Jungle boots is great for heavy duty activities ,like in construction sites where damage can be done to weak-materials shoes. The jungle boots also great for outdoor activities such as camping and hitch-hiking .

The jungle boots must satisfy the following important technical indicators

1) durability must achieve in the jungle environment using more than 12 months, predictably high humidity and water again and again

2) quick-drying and high porosity, dress can make water vapor and heat generated by the boots

3) walk can drainage scupper

4) lightweight (single boots not more than two pounds/kg), and use waterproof material

5) highlight the heel, especially soft muddy enhanced grip on your way down

6) background can effectively discharge mud and debris

7) outsole provides excellent traction and propulsion, can effective braking when gentle slope water mud walking up and down and keep the balance

A 8) can guarantee water in deep mud, mud, sediments, debris such as into the boots

9) on the rugged terrain hard fall effective buffer and alleviate foot fatigue and discomfort

10) No need running.

The best Combat Jungle boots also  must have below features:

●Full grain leather  & Cordura Nylon upper . With Nylon in the upper shoe, black full grain leather toe and heel . It's 10" boots to pretect the entire foot from harm during activity. The materials are specially made to withstand hostile enviroments.

●Powder coated brass speed hooks and eyelets

●Tight weave nylon lace with sealed tips

●Steel shank

●Removable  PU footbed

●Genuine DMS construction. The rubber sole index is very high with good abrasion and flexing resistance.

●Rubber Panama outsole

● The feature vent holes for ventilation and drainage of moisture.

● Internal Kevlar plate protect the sole from damage and also protects the foot from puncture in rocky and thorny areas.


Jungle Boots in a variety of color, style and size:


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