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All Leather Combat Boots

All Leather Combat Boots

This boot is designed to wear in hot, wet., humid or even harder enviroments. The outsole is Panama sole with good qulity rubber material. It offers better abrasion There’s a series of angled rubber lugs to push the soft mud from the soles ,cleaning them. Provide much better grip in great clay or mud. The upper leather is 2 millimiter thickness and enhances their performance and make thems durable. There’s two drainage vents on the canvas near the sole to aid in ventilation and drainage of moisture. And you’ll feel dry and comfortable even though after longtime wearing. For box toe and counter, we used the harder /stronger military chemical sheet materials which very hard and can bear huge pressure. The boots are fitted with a puncture resistant insole named L-protection. It’s a puncture resistant high tenacity fabric that delivers Comfort and Safety. provides total foot surface protection. This is possible because the L-protection fabric serves a dual purpose as the insole of your shoe. Fabric is much more comfortable because it is ultra-light weight, and offers flexibility that is not possible with rigid steel plates. This DMS boots is designed for Army and Police. however, they are becoming more and more mainstream.[29] Beyond fashion as such, many individuals choose to wear combat boots simply due to durability, comfort and other utilities, as the boots are specifically designed to be comfortable to wear in a variety of changing conditions for long durations without significant long-term wear. Combat boots have a longer lifespan than fashion boots,

Product Details

Height 10

Full grain leather upper

Leather tongue gusset

Powder coated brass speed hooks and eyelets

Tight weave nylon lace with sealed tips

Steel shank

PU footbed

Genuine DMS construction

Rubber Panama outsole

Built to American Military Standards


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